Iowa cars clogging up parking spots!

Now this is amusing. A car rental outfit in New York is apparently parking lots of Iowa licensed cars on regular parking spots on the street. Something seems vaguely wrong about this, and the business owner seems to be hiding behind what they can get away with.

I think you all deserve an explanation of why until about a month ago (when the hybrid battery finally gave out), I was doing much the same thing. I’ve also struggled a bit with the ethical implications of why do I leave the car licensed in Iowa, and keep an Iowa drivers license when I live in Minnesota.

It wasn’t obvious to me why until I couldn’t drive the car for a month, and started riding my bike everywhere again.

In Minneapolis, I have wonderful city privilege. I don’t need a car, I can ride the bus, take the light rail, ride a bike, get an hourcar, or call for a uber lyft. (I should be charging these guys advertising or something)

However, if I’m going to farm, and do something meaningful about climate change by growing more fuel than I use, I need a car to get back to the farm. I cannot farm without a vehicle, and I cannot grow the fuel the city needs to eat without a farm.

And I most definitely cannot spread the good word to farmers of why Minneapolis wants community owned wind farms to supply the energy the city needs to stay warm in winter and dehumidified in summer without a car.

So my car is licensed and registered on the family farm in Iowa. (And until I get the hybrid battery replaced, it’s garaged in the shed on the farm)

One last little challenge though. Try eliminating all Iowa corn and soybeans from your life for one week. If you can figure out how to do that in a city that depends on petroleum fuel bought on a world economy that’s traded for grain exports sent down the Mississippi, please let me know.

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