Derailments and fires, oh my

So let’s compare some things. First, an ethanol train derails, catches fire.

Ethanol spill (oh, and fire)

Next, less than a month and 50 miles away, we have a Bakken Bomb

Oil ‘boom’ train

Which of these would you rather have in your gas tank?

Here’s the other problem. The guys shipping the oil know it’s not going to last, so there is little interest in long-term sustainability, it’s just a matter of get it out of the ground as fast as you can before Tesla, carbon taxes, and on-farm ethanol production make their business irrelevant. Actually doing something to remove the volatile components from the oil just costs money, and when you know your shell company isn’t going to exist in 5 or 10 years, why bother?

It’s a matter of pick your poison and if I have to pick a poison, I’d at least like to pick on that might taste good to drink from a mason jar.

— edit —

To be fair to oil, ethanol derailments can also be quite bad. Anything storing sufficient energy to provide the transportation we use can be quite deadly if released all at once.

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