Capital return on politics

I’ve been thinking about capital and currency off and on for a while. Most recently I ran across this thoughtful commentary on Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the 21st Century. Unfortunately, however, I can tell from the article that while billionaires like to buy politicians, reporters, and academics, it seems that Labor (or maybe I should say organized labor) likes to buy ink as well.

This is unfortunate, because, as the article points out, if Piketty is wrong, we really need to know why. We do a great disservice both to workers AND to billionaires by repeating the trope that politics is something we can control. We do not control it, it controls us.

What we control, is what we spend our time on, and how we account for it. Do you track hours in hourdollars, or does the search book of face track and monetize you as the commodity? Do you trade in the really really free market, or trade your time for the almighty dollar?

I once said if I’m going to survive as a farmer I’d have to buy a politician. This is the route many billionaires have chosen. But politics is expensive, and the only way I can afford that is to become a politician and do some campaign fundraising. Sounds to me like it’s the Capital controlling the politics, and the politics control us.

Or maybe there’s another way. Vote with your choice of currency. Grant yourself a new economy with Grantcoin. Demand to pay your urban property taxes with local vegetables grown in garden spots not parking spots.

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