The Farmer-Labor party

The more I learn about Minnesota history, and it’s Norwegian and Scandanavian roots, the more I like it. We don’t have the D-word party here, we have the DFL, which, in my mind, comes from the historical context that some Nordic folks put the 1% back in their place


I want the Farmer-Labor party back. Except maybe it needs to be the FLTU for farmer-labor-technologically-unemployed party. The technology we’ve deployed on farms makes us that still do it a different kind of 1%. What you need to live comfortably in a city is produced by the labor and direct capital homesteading that we owner-operators invest in the ability for one guy with an opinion, a blog, and 200 acres of soybeans to grow half a million pounds of soybeans that could meet all the protein requirements for 8,000 of my neighbors. Or if I could turn that all into soy milk it would likely provide enough supply for most of South Minneapolis.

The same process of technology replacing human labor is happening in other industries, and with the rather interesting things going on in financial cryptography, we might start technologically unemploying some former bank employees. I’m not naive enough to think that crypto will actually put a dent in the 1% team bankster’s net worth, since they already own it all. But maybe we can at least let the New York Bankees know the old team that owns the fields wants their politics back.

Is it the FLU (farmer labor unemployed?), or FL (farmer-labor, but how’s that work if there’s no labor anymore, and unions screwed themselves by kicking off the folks who couldn’t pay the dues), or are we just down to the Farmers and the Unemployed? I’ll leave you to the acronym for that. Maybe I’ll put that on the ballot next time around.

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