431 days to Basic Income

It’s 431 days to a referendum on the Minneapolis Basic Income program. While I applaud the progressive intention of 15now, and the discussions about how important a living wage is to our town, I’m disappointed.

I’m disappointed that no city council member has brought up BIGMN as an alternative to the $15/hour minimum wage. I’m disappointed that the focus is entirely on dollars. I’m disappointed by big cities that raise the minimum wage without thinking about the global consequences. I’m disappointed how it will facilitate further wealth transfer from the rural communities that grow the local food we like so much, and give it to the New York Bankees who own all the rental properties.

I’m disappointed that it seems politically inevitable that we are going to raise the minimum wage, and then as soon as enough big cities do that, the federal reserve will suddenly decide to raise interest rates to 5% or 10%. It seems just like a repeat of the farm crisis that set the stage for big agribusiness to monopolize the entire food distribution & marketing system.

But instead of just talking about it, I’ve been working on a basic income currency and an intentional community that can set it’s own monetary policy locally.

It’s time we set our own monetary policy here in Minneapolis, so I’m officially announcing my candidacy to be the first mayor of a major metropolitan area to deploy a basic income. See you in 431 days.

And if you want to know how I’m going to pay for it, watch this. If you want a real political change, vote for the farmer.

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