Vote clean, vote green, vote for the farmer


Installing solar on our roof in Minneapolis in 2012

If Las Vegas can go 100% renewable for all city electric uses, we can do better.

You will see some alternative Energy options on the ballot for Minneapolis Mayor in 2017.

Vote for the farmer, because he sees first hand how Climate changes impacts food and agriculture, and puts us all at risk.

Vote for the Engineer, because he knows how to make a detailed deployment plan to get to 100% renewable energy

Vote for the advisor to the Grantcoin foundation, because the only way we can really effectively address income inequality is by building wealth redistribution into the currency we use

Vote for the only politician who can provide a real answer to where do the resources we need to run a city come from when the tax well dries up. The answer is we grow them, in our city, under our local control.

We can follow the two-party political system into madness, or we can vote with ranked choice. We can vote with our choice of money. We can vote with our choice of food.

Vote #mayortroy

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