Mincome is inevitable

When members of one party make destroying my family’s financial security a central plank of their platform, hatred comes real fucking easy.
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The ACA’s regulations and Medicaid expansion are the basis for our current, and previously projected though now uncertain, level of security, yes. Disabled kids aren’t cheap to raise.
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This, my friends, is why the Republican party is the walking dead. They have created mortal enemies who will never forget the angry campaign rhetoric used to attack Obamacare, and the name Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as the first great US leader to move us toward a Mincome (basic income), and universal health care state.
The opposition to these things just does not seem to understand the fundamental economics going on due to their unconscious bias against social collectivism.
There are many things that have been clearly demonstrated in which groups using coordinated collective action absolutely destroy short-term profit driven and authoritarian structures.
What happened to Germany and Japan once the sleeping giant in the Americas decided it was time to go to War?
The Republicans, in their claims of fighting a war against the ever expanding powers of the state have awoken many forces for collective action. Now they are fighting not just the state, but most of their political support base which is, or will be in need of these social programs.
There might be one way out for Republicans, but they will have to throw this anti-collectivist rhetoric under the bus, and start talking about how a guaranteed minimum income (or basic income guarantee) is good for tax reform, how it’s good for business, how it’s good for industry. And most importantly, throw any of the elitists who are afraid of taxes and ‘the dole’ to the rabid wolves they have created who will not rest until their families are secure.
Basic income and Mincome are invevitable, says the farmer.
Vote for farmer.
Vote for your future.
Vote for Mayor Troy.

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