The farmers & Greens are our only hope

The more I read about the fascist takeover of Germany, and how places where farmers and labor stood together to create a strong Nordic social democracy, the more I think we need a new political party. Or maybe, since yesterday I heard some good things from two Green Party City Council candidates, there is hope.

But it’s not going to be easy. Our biggest challenge, in my opinion, is not the ‘alt-right’, but the organized elite left-wing. Have you heard of the phrase ‘non-profit industrial complex’? If you’ve ever been around Minneapolis politics, you’ll see a whole lot of career politicians who move from one non-profit gig to consulting to government and then back again. These folks are well-educated, well-respected, and, I believe, honestly well-intentioned.

They are, due to unconscious bias, far more dangerous than the open right-wing fascists. You see it in the politics in Minneapolis in the belief that only a card carrying lifetime democratic party member can be a serious candidate. I am a serious candidate, and so is everyone else who has taken the time to gather signatures or pay the fee to be on the ballot. The more of us there are on the ballot for Mayor, City Council, and all the other ranked choice voting elections, the more you know the political process is working, and that you have a real voice.

There are two hopes we have. The urban farmers in this town, and the Green party, which is well organized with serious candidates. Our state has a strong history of Nordic socialism where Farmers and Workers with middle class allies held off the fascist advances in their home countries, and the immigrants from these places created the Farmer-Labor party.

I’m asking for your help over the next year. The vote is important, and I’d be quite happy if you vote for me in your top three ranked choice voting. But what I really need your help with is a change in your money, for this is the source of real political power. I am the only candidate with a copyright notice in a cryptocurrency supporting a basic income guarantee. Use the money the Grantcoin foundation made with a goal of building a new financial system with built in wealth redistribution. Use Hourdollars. Barter some time.

Or as I suggested last election cycle,
Pay your taxes with vegetables.

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