Vote for the local Fintech expert

From my work email today (yes, it’s the Sunday of a holiday weekend, and I’m working. Farmers, crypto-finance startups, and mayors don’t get any breaks. This is why you should hire, I mean vote for me in November)

Up for debate: Should Mac users get better rates on loans? The growth and development of FinTech may be inevitable, but its ability to produce more transparent markets that create greater wealth for more people is not. Aaron Klein, a fellow in Economic Studies and policy director at the Brookings Center on Regulation and Markets, looks at this FinTech conundrum by asking the question, “When two people apply for a credit card (for example), should it be legal to offer them different interest rates based solely on the fact of whether they are using a Mac or PC?” The nuances may surprise you. Klein’s article provides an overview of anti-discrimination lending regulations since the 1960s and concludes that FinTech will require that regulators rethink how they define and implement anti-discrimination laws. “Having an open and honest conversation about race, lending and financial technology is not easy, but it is necessary if we are to harness the best that FinTech has to offer,” he writes.

There several things in this quote above that should probably disturb you.

If you have not yet gotten the memo, Reparations are required for business (yes, you did hear me, a white 1% guy, actually seriously use that word).

Most organized leftist progressives, for the past couple decades, have been organizing around ‘big’. Big Labor unions. Big visions of government correcting past wrongs.

The problem now is how do you address when the government has become the establishment that has wronged us? Are we going to write another regulation to further entrench the blunt-force trauma of state power to dictate morality?

Here’s what the state can do. The state can, while it still has said power, use it’s near monopoly power on the issuance of money to make reparations for past unjustice to EVERYONE, regardless of race, creed, color, history, orientation, or income.

This is not just a progressive moral issue. It’s critical for any libertarian-leaning small business owner if they want to stay relevant before another wave of technologically automated giants come rolling through and put another half of them out of business.

We need Reparations to EVERYONE for all the wrongs that have been committed by our established power structures, and the wrongs they will continue to do. The only check and balance against unchecked power is to demand that a basic income is a fundamental right of all sentient beings.

Otherwise, if you are going to speak of Reparations, how do you decide who is most harmed? What other alternatives do we have to equitably distribute wealth than to simply just distribute it equally to each one of us.

Or do you want our corporate sponsored political system to decide who’s more worthy?

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