Systemic class bailout

I’m riding in the car on my way back to Minneapolis tonight, and NPR is running a story about the south side of Chicago, and the sense of hopelessness being created both by a broken economic system, and a broken criminal justice system. If you can’t afford a lawyer, or afford bail money, you become a second class citizen. And how do we seriously consider “$15 now” to be anything other than a distraction from the reality of people shooting each other on the south side of Chicago, and our police shooting our citizens here in the Twin Cities.

There is story I’ve heard about the greatest nation in the world, one that was strong enough to to write on a statute in a harbor

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

What happened to this great nation? What does our statue of Liberty stand for, if she does not stand for the words on the very pedestal she stands on?

We all, who site in comfort, with our employer sponsored healthcare, safe in our homes and property recorded in Hennepin county government center, must make reparations to those who do not share our privilege. Yes I said it.

Reparations must be made

But to whom, might you ask? To every single one of us. The homeless under the bridge. The poor, the out of work, the unemployable. The addicted, the hopeless, the single parents.

Basic Income must be a Human right

and if you, the beneficiaries of our current economic system cannot figure out how to handle funding this voluntarily, then I will happily take your money developing, deploying, and implementing a financial cryptography instruments that give away money to everyone so everyone has money to buy the food that I grow.

Vote for the Farmer in November, and vote with your choice of money, starting today. Sign up for Grantcoin, or use hourdollars.

You don’t have to take my word for it that Basic Income is coming. But you might find I’m offering you a better deal than Silicon Valley will.

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