100% renewables in 10 years

If you’ve been paying attention, you might see that utility-scale solar is less than $1.50 per watt, and that the MIT technology review is talking about the University of Minnesota’s Energy Transition Lab report (PDF) that starting in 2019, relatively expensive batteries for grid-scale energy storage will be cheaper than building a natural gas peaker plant.


Fueling up a delivery of 6KW of solar at the Freeborn County Co-op with farm-grown fuel

This also means that building a wind energy to ammonia plant is also likely to be substantially lower cost than building a natural gas peaker plant TODAY.

The problem, as I surmised 5 years ago when my partner Kim and I installed solar on her roof, is not technology. It’s financing. And unlike most politicians who mostly talk and act little, I am taking action. I am in negotiations to acquire the remaining stock of TenKSolar’s Apex solar modules, and if you want to vote with your money, put it here.

Vote for the only solar farmer on the ballot in 2017.

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