This is not the Justice you are looking for


By now you may have heard of this man, who has somehow been nominated for the Supreme Court of the united states. Really?

If the US government is going to continue to be taken seriously in the world, then we need to send this boy back to reform school, so that he might be able to explain with some somber recollection of how big of an ass he was in high school, and what sort of life-altering events changed him from an approval seeking jock that might be a good football coach seeking wins and ratings, or a CEO seeking investor praise, to a serious judge of character and law.

Now I may just be a dumb farmer, but what I can tell you right from this writing that this guy doesn’t give a shit about law, or serious issues, or legal precedent. He’s a high school jock, and if he can’t explain why he wasn’t on debate club, or some other nerdy intellectual club that got ridiculed by the jocks, what the hell is he doing as a nominee for supreme court justice?

This is not the justice we are looking for.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled culture war.

In the meantime, remember while you can only vote for the nerdy high school class president MayorTroy once every four years, you get to vote with your money every day, with every transaction you make.

Make sure those transactions are feeding the things you want to see in the world, and that it’s us nerdy high school misfits who are writing the code and counting the money. We need to remind the popular folks when they are getting too worried about being popular.

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