Co-op Upzoning

The New Minneapolis ideal is a home for every single person who wants to make this city a home.

We have a housing crisis, and it’s been proven to cost less to simply give a person a home than pay for the emergency room visits, crime, and other social costs of living without a place to live. We have a start with our conversation on upzoning.

This is part of why I write, and why I run for Mayor, is to keep these conversations going, and make sure we also talk about co-op housing. Single family homes play a very important role in building stable neighborhoods, because there is a chance that if you live there you might end up as part of the ownership class. This is not the case in subsidized low-income housing.

We can do better. We can grow up, with high-density housing owned by the people that live there, and funded directly via Minnesota’s own mnvest equity crowdfunding.

If you are a fiscal conservative, or libertarian concerned with individual freedom, then let’s make a little wager. I’ll bet you the highest return on investment we could make with public taxpayer money is to give homeless people loans to buy a share in a high-density urban co-operative.

You’ll probably only here this kind of straight talk from the farmer-labor party, from the candidate who grew up where the tallest buildings around always had something like this on the top.


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