The government and the economy do not owe you a job

The farmer-labor party says that these rights are Human rights:

  • food
  • shelter
  • health care

Our current government consensus does not believe it owes you these things, and you do not owe a corrupt government tribute in a currency that does not guarantee these rights. Now, whether that government may decide to exert it’s perceived authority to lock you up if you don’t pay is another story for another post about systemic psychological and physical abuse.

There is no right to work in a capitalist economy. If it costs more money for your employer to pay your health insurance and salary, the only rational thing for a business to do is close instead of taking a loss, or taking a loan that only those who didn’t have real work to do had time to fill out the paperwork. Some of us were too busy getting ready to plant food. (edit: your Mayortroy did take the farm welfare handout, so it’s only fitting that I should pay it forward and give out some food)

Politicians cannot magically re-open the economy. If no one comes to your store, or if your employees get sick, you’ll be shut down regardless of if the government thinks your business is essential or not.

What business and property owners can do is join the farmer-labor party and start accepting payment in a basic income currency that takes part of the transaction fees to insure that all market participants have food, shelter, and health care.

Financial interest disclosure: 7 Elements is open for business if you want a custom-branded basic income cryptocurrency

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