Oops I did it again.

Troy registering to run for Mayor of Minneapolis

I paid my 0.011 BTC (or 0.16 Eth) to the great City of Minneapolis to be the Farmer-Labor candidate on your ballot again this November.

Is there a reason to vote for me? Absolutely. The currency I downloaded off the internet 6 10 years ago when it was only worth unicorn farts is now a 60 billion dollar 21 million Bitcoin (or $1,912,371,815,295 dollars) global economic phenomenon that has made people like me who see how technology changes the world and the political landscape major players on the international world stage.


All of this is making me wonder if that 3 bitcoin I used to fund my campaign the first time may have been a distinctly bad investment, as if I had just hung onto it long enough, I would have been able to cash it out to buy enough advertising to be invited to all the debates.


What matters is how many of you remember what I said about cryptocurrency, farms, and renewable energy 8 years ago the first time I ran for mayor. Or watch the 2013 Minneapolis Mayoral Forum on Urban Ag and let me know what I should keep talking about.

Every day, with every dollar (or cryptocoin), you can vote with your money. What are you telling the markets you want this fall in the November election? Which candidates are beholden to the big donors, and which ones might be willing to listen to what you really have to say?

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