Political engineering

So the engineers tasked with designing and building the city’s new defenses fudged the numbers so that their work would actually protect New Orleans from the inevitable. After all, no one knew when Congress would get around to funding New Orleans protective measures again, and Corps engineers had a unique opportunity to win the resources needed to do their job properly.


Minneapolis is going to have to deal with climate change one way or another. You might only get to vote for the farmer-engineer candidate who talks about the inevitable transition to 100% renewables once every four years.

Every day, with every dollar you spend, you can vote with your money, and your choice of food.

Find a farmer to buy food from. Go visit the farm. Grow some vegetables and feed some of your neighbors. Organize a crowdfunded financing plan for your school to invest in open-source hardware farm equipment that they can teach their children how to repair. Download the Skywater PDK and help your farmers build open-source chips, made in Bloomington, MN so we don’t have a food shortage because of proprietary semiconductor chip shortages.

If all of that sounds too technical for you, email me at info@mayortroy.com and ask how you can help get out the vote.

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