Derailments and fires, oh my

So let’s compare some things. First, an ethanol train derails, catches fire.

Ethanol spill (oh, and fire)

Next, less than a month and 50 miles away, we have a Bakken Bomb

Oil ‘boom’ train

Which of these would you rather have in your gas tank?

Here’s the other problem. The guys shipping the oil know it’s not going to last, so there is little interest in long-term sustainability, it’s just a matter of get it out of the ground as fast as you can before Tesla, carbon taxes, and on-farm ethanol production make their business irrelevant. Actually doing something to remove the volatile components from the oil just costs money, and when you know your shell company isn’t going to exist in 5 or 10 years, why bother?

It’s a matter of pick your poison and if I have to pick a poison, I’d at least like to pick on that might taste good to drink from a mason jar.

— edit —

To be fair to oil, ethanol derailments can also be quite bad. Anything storing sufficient energy to provide the transportation we use can be quite deadly if released all at once.

The problem with GMO labeling

Is that right on schedule, as soon as there appears to be some political support to give customers the right to know what’s in their food, the opposition moved the goalposts. So sure, we might label genetically modified organisms, but eh, the genetically edited crops are just fine, since it’s just a copy & paste of genes from one grass to another right?

What could possibly go wrong?

The farmer says we need farm-of-origin labeling, and traceability all the way to the consumer of exactly what the label on the seed bag the farmer planted says. This is the only way to know what’s in your food, is to know what the farmer planted, and (please excuse the advertising) the only place I know of you can get this right now are the soybeans I grew.

I cannot in good conscience support GMO labeling when things like clearfield wheat get away with claiming it’s ‘not a genetically modified product’, because it was produced with good-old-fashioned ‘natural’ selection, where ‘natural’ means spray a toxic chemical on the seeds until you find one that has a mutation that allows it to survive the toxic chemical.

But I’ll bet you a bag of soybeans that if I grew that wheat, and then saved the seeds, Oregon State and BASF would be looking for their IP extortion (I mean royalty) payments.

If you want to do something good for the food system, don’t label GMOs.  Instead put a list of every organization that claims to own the right to limit the seed, or any other kind of IP or trade secret in the food.

Legalize hacking

If the great state of Colorado can be known for legalizing weed, (which, you know, kinda fits I think), then we need to go for the next great issue in states rights. Legalize hacking, so our great state of Minnesota can protect itself from the cyber police state.

There are a couple of obscure companies called Cray and IBM here that might benefit from such a thing, because this might be the only place in the world it will be safe to actually figure out how to make computers more secure

One does not simply apply for healthcare

So, my gentle readers, your not-the-mayor Troy has been on a dark and dangerous journey today, fraught with the dreaded 403, 15 minute page loads, and unauthorization to access resource. I am walking the valley of the shadow of the uninsured, though yet by the power of the soil I farm, shall fear no evil. (Okay, there is one evil I fear, and that is another shutdown from big-government republicans)

So, in english, I tried to apply for Minnesota’s health care portal. And now it’s time for a rant. (engage righteous indignation captain)

It seems like if I want anything to work right I have to be able to audit, test, and debug the code myself.

So once in your life you need doctor, lawyer, policeman, and a preacher, but you need a farmer 3 times a day.

This farmer needs some PR, marketing, and political organizing for a blockchain-like platform to provide guaranteed universal healthy food, and I need to know what legal actions or political parties I have to start in Iowa and Minnesota to allow me the freedom to farm, and the freedom to give people food to keep them healthy. What I see today is a kafka-nightmare of government health care portals that get DOSed by the tea party, and pharmaceutical companies that make money selling cancer drugs to treat the disease caused by farm chemicals the exact same companies tell me are FDA, EPA, and USDA approved and generally recognized as safe.

I have 400 bags of healthy soybeans, who wants some, and who’s going to help me occupy the legislature when the FDA says only my chemical suppliers are allowed to make health claims?

(DISCLAIMER: This post and the codes that support it are constitutionally protected political speech, and although it’s quite reasonable for me to document the expenditures on such things, any prior restraint of cryptographic accounting software tokens that may be exchangeable for services that someone might consider health care, or healthy food, is, in this farmers opinion, immoral. Limiting such things by regulatory fiat is an unconstitutional prior restraint and chilling effect on free speech, AND on the right of a well regulated code-militia to keep and bear cryptographic arms. I’m perfectly happy documenting where all the tokens go. Transparency is a first-class feature of this system. But to require FINCEN or SEC registration, FDA approval, or USDA organic certification of such things is, at least, immoral, regardless of what the supreme court may eventually decide)

Derby Does Dallas (or why to fight battles you can’t win)

I’m here in Dallas, for the Roller Derby World Cup, and what do I hear but that we made new news back in the other twin cities. One of my favorite things about watching this are the teams that have been together for a short time, with no hope of winning, but are nonetheless taking on teams with skaters that have been doing this for 10 years or more. The even matches are great, but the best thing, in my opinion, are the blowouts. Because when you come off the track, and down to the escalator, lost, beaten, humiliated, humbled, you learn way more about the game, and how to play it better next time.

So I’m picking a fight I have little hope of winning, at least for now, and here’s the battle cry

Sell the Derby world cup to the fans

But let’s not just stop at the organization that puts on the world cup and negotiates contracts with a venue. If there is anything in need of crowdfunding these days, it’s a venue owned and operated by people who love derby. Nothing pisses me off more than some rich asshole in New York asking for MY fair twin cities tax money to finance a stadium so he can buy another million dollar apartment.

So far I think Blood and Thunder has done a great job busting their ass to get this event to where it is today. But what’s going to happen in 5 or 10 years? It’s probably going to get bigger, more expensive, and more complicated. This is not something that one company, or one team, or the various derby governing bodies can handle themselves without some outside cash influx.

I think Derby is going to be big business at some point, and I’d much rather have the skaters and fans be the ones to make the investment and get a return on it, rather than a bunch of assholes who get paid twice as much because they are rich, white, and male. The sportsploitation business is going to figure out either that Derby is an opportunity for them, or a threat to their captured cash cow, and they are going try to buy their way into owning it.

Are we gonna sit by and let the dirty money jam up the great thing we’ve got here, or are we gonna block that shit with an impenetrable wall of shared ownership? Let’s leave this roller derby world cup with a plan and a vision to build a venue for the next one.

My vote is we start by municipalizing the Minnesota Vikings stadium. I’m sure you derby fans have some other good ideas. Let’s hear it.

Do I need to run for governor of Iowa now?

So apparently some Texas carpetbaggers want to build an oil pipeline and further frack North Dakota into oblivion and run the crap right through the middle of Iowa.

And I’m sorry ya’ll, but you can take your drawl and your political machinations back to the ranch in Texas and stew in the mess you made there. You just picked a fight with the wrong farmer. I make money growing fuel cheaper than you can dig it out of the ground, and if I have to run for Governor to get the message out that your crude-soaked bullshit is not welcome here, so be it.